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African Fashion Week NC’s Afro Marketplace is back for its 4th year. This year Afro Marketplace Vendor Showcase will be held on September 14th 2019, the same day as the Official AFWNC Finale Fashion Show, at The Durham Fruit in Durham, NC. This form is to be completed for any vendor/exhibitor who intends to showcase at Afro Marketplace 2019. All applications are subject to approval by the AFWNC team. The deadline for this application and payment to reserve a vendor/exhibitor space for Afro Marketplace 2019 is Sunday, August 28th, 2019. Vendor spaces will be assigned to each vendor/exhibitor prior to the September 14th 2019 and credentials will be available for pick up on site the day of the showcase. Vendor/exhibitor spaces will be assigned spaces on a “first come, first serve” basis and there will be no guarantee of a space until a completed vendor application/agreement and payment is received.

Please remember that all information will be verified, if the below information cannot be verified, your registration application will be denied.


Note: All general product lines which will be displayed in the vendor/exhibitor space must be listed on this form. It is a violation of the vendor contract to display items which have not been identified in writing to AFWNC management.


  • Products and services are to be displayed on September 14th, 2019 at the allotted times at Afro Marketplace.
  • Each booth will hold one vendor/exhibitor and one assistant.
  • All vendors must provide their own POS systems. Wireless access will be provided.
  • Two chairs will be provided per booth. Vendors are required to provide their own tables and racks for the event.
  • Vendors are to set up in their assigned space and should limit their display to their space. Please do not encroach on other vendor’s spaces.
  • Vendors/exhibitors are not to sell their space to any other vendor/exhibitor. If vendor/Exhibitor is unable to attend Afro Marketplace 2019, a written cancellation notice is required. The deadline for cancellations with a refund is August 18th, 2019.
  • Upon acceptance of this application by AFWNC, payment to secure the vendor/exhibitor booth is required.
  • Once payment is received, vendor must provide logo, web address and/or social media information for promotion purposes via vendors2019@afwnc.com.


Afro Marketplace Durham 2019 reserves the right to refuse any type of material/item deemed inappropriate for the showcase. If AFWNC management believes certain materials/items are inappropriate for a showcase, the vendor will not be permitted to display those materials/items.

On the day of the showcase, doors will be open to the public at 1 pm. Vendors/exhibitors will be able to begin setting up by 11:45 am. Vendors/exhibitors are expected to finish setting up before doors are open to the public. If vendors are unable to meet this time requirements, please inform AFWNC management ahead of time.


The cost of participating in Afro Marketplace as a vendor/exhibitor is $100. Payment is required to reserve your space for the marketplace. Payment can be made via afwnc.com or Eventbrite. Please contact AFWNC if you need more information about payment or if your preferred method of payment is not listed.

Please note: There will be no refunds after August 18, 2019. Spaces are limited and are sold on a first come basis upon receipt of payment in full.

AFWNC is making every effort to limit our environmental impact. Therefore, we kindly request that you send your application and any other material via email to vendors2019@afwnc.com.

Submission of your completed application indicates your agreement to and compliance with the Terms and Conditions.


  1. Parties

The parties to this contract are AFWNC and the named company that has applied to be a vendor/exhibitor at AFWNC Afro Marketplace Durham to be held on September 8th 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the vendor/exhibitor)

  1. Contract

The provisions stated in this application/agreement plus any additions and amendments thereto (including the vendor packet to be given on the day of the Marketplace) that may be established by AFFWNC become binding upon acceptance of this application/agreement between vendor/exhibitor, their assistants, agents or representatives and AFWNC.

  1. Character

African Fashion Week North Carolina was founded in response to the growing need to provide a platform for established and emerging African/Afrocentric designers to showcase their talents to a broad audience.

  1. Payment/Cancellation Policy
    1. Applications for vendor/exhibitor space will be invoiced at 100% and the fee is payable via afwnc.com, PayPal, Cash App or Eventbrite.
    2. Vendor spaces will not be assigned without payment and a completed contract.
    3. Should a vendor/exhibitor cancel their space, it is understood that the registration fee will not be refunded. Request for cancellation must be made by August 18th, 2019.
    4. No cancellation shall be acknowledged by AFWNC unless it is received in writing. The date on which the notice is received shall apply as the official date of cancellation.
    5. Upon receipt of vendor/exhibitor cancellation notice, AFWNC has the right to resell the vacated space.
    6. No show ruling: If the vendor/exhibitor fails to show up by 12:30 pm on the day of Afro Marketplace 2019 Durham and/or if vendor/exhibitor space is vacant at the deadline for a complete installation, AFWNC reserves the right to consider the space cancelled and vacated. Approval of late setup must be approved by AFWNC management. If no notification of late setup is received, the space will be considered vacated and AFWNC reserves the right to resell the cancelled space and the contract will be void. No refunds will be given for a vendor/exhibitor who fails to show up on the day of the event.
  1. Subletting Space

No vendor/exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their assigned space nor allow any other person or party to sell/exhibit in their assigned space without prior written permission from AFWNC.

  1. Change of Space Assignment

AFWNC reserves the right to move a vendor/exhibitor to another location prior to or during the show if such change is deemed to be in the best interest of Afro Marketplace 2018 Durham.

  1. Insurance/Liability

AFWNC assumes no responsibility for any financial losses, theft or injury. Vendors/Exhibitors shall fully indemnify and hold harmless AFWNC, the organizers, and The Durham Fruit from any actions, suits, claims, payment, costs and/or damages which may be brought against them arising from participation in Afro Market 2018 Durham and all other activities hosted by AFWNC during African Fashion Week NC 2019.


  1. AFWNC Afro Marketplace

Approximately one week before Afro Marketplace, AFWNC will send an Afro Marketplace 2019 Vendor Packet to the primary contact email listed on the vendor contract. Only fully paid vendors/exhibitors will receive this packet. The packet will include information relating to participation as a vendor/exhibitor in Afro Marketplace 2018 Durham. The packet will include details such as:

  • Parking information
  • Vendor/exhibitor space designation
  • Vendor passes for the day

Afro Marketplace will continue during the AFWNC 2019 Finale Show; however, vendors will need to purchase a fashion show ticket if they would like to attend the fashion show.

  1. Amendments

All matters and questions not specifically covered by the articles in this contract or in the official Afro Marketplace 2019 Durham Packet shall be subject to the decision of AFWNC. These matters may be amended at any time by AFWNC in the overall best interest of Afro Marketplace 2018 Durham and notice thereof shall be binding to the vendors/exhibitors equally with the foregoing in this contract.

  1. Code of Conduct

All vendors/exhibitors are to compote themselves in an orderly manner, in a way that does not disrupt Afro Marketplace. No violence, horseplay, shouting, or behavior deemed disruptive to the event and its attendees will be tolerated. There shall be no amplified sound created by anyone other than designated musicians and stages. AFWNC management reserves the right to remove any persons deemed disruptive to the marketplace.

By completing the form below, you agree to AFWNC Terms and Conditions. Should you have any question, please contact us via vendors2019@afwnc.com

    If you would like to take part in our event as a vendor, please fill in your details in this Event form. Since space is limited, consideration is based on "first-come and first-serve". Completing this form is not a confirmation that you have secured a spot. Vendors are required to bring their own tables and chairs. One table and 2 chairs maximum. We have not determined the exact dimension of the table, however, the maximum length will be 8Ft. By continuing to fill out and submit this form, you agree to all of AFWNC terms and conditions.