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Register And Get Involved For AFWNC 2019 – The Largest African-Inspired Fashion Event In North Carolina

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Click the button below to register and get involved as designers, runway models, hairstylists, makeup artists, local vendors, etc.

More Than Just Fashion. It’s The Largest African-Inspired Gathering In North Carolina.

Since 2016, Africa Fashion Week North Carolina (AFWNC) has helped the spread and growth of the African fashion industry, especially in North Carolina. We’re here to provide a platform for designers who want to expose their brands to the world, but having difficulty to enter the market.

The goal of our events is to help small businesses and startups gain exposures for their brands and to support the growth and evolution of African inspired fashion products.  AFWNC 2019 is a 3-day event that will be held in ((TIME AND DATE HERE))

AFWNC 2019 will attract a huge audience of fashion enthusiast, buyers, bloggers, lovers of the African culture and tons of media people, which we believe will always be the key role in helping local African designers to grow their businesses.

We’ve been expecting you to become a part of this awesome event.

What You Can Expect From AFWNC 2019

Fashion Shows

AFWNC annual fashion is the official and highly recognized African fashion week in North Carolina. Since 2016, many designers have used this event to showcase their fashion products and gain massive exposures for their brands. 

Now you too have the same opportunities to showcase your fashion products through this event.

Catwalk Shows

If you’re from modeling agencies who wish to optimize your audience experiences by integrating African fashion style, you have the opportunity to become a part of our event.

Since the first time we held our annual events, we’ve joined with some local professional modeling agencies.

If you’re interested to become our partner, you can register for the AFWNC 2019 by clicking the button below:


Aside from designers and runway models, we’re also providing an avenue for photographers who’d like to add more great content to their portfolio. In the past, we have worked with photography and journalism students in academic institutions and many other professional photographers. 

As more people are starting to know about our annual event, we’re expecting to see even more photographers who want to become a part of AFWNC 2019.

If you’re a photographer, this should be the good news since not only you can add more great content to your portfolio, but you can also take an opportunity to meet designers and runaway model agencies who’re looking for your service.

And more importantly, we also have a referral program that has been successfully fulfilling many of our designer’s demand for a photographer.

If you’re interested, please click the link below to contact us to get more detail about it.

Shopping Event

In our annual event, we also have AfroMarket shopping event, which gives the community to shop and connect directly with designers and vendors who’re taking a part in our event.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast who loves African-inspired fashion style, you’re going to love this event. 

You can shop a variety of African apparels, accessories, jewelry, and many more… which are created by local designers and local vendors.

Enjoy Great Music, Have Fun, and Meet New People!

Yes, AFWNC 2019 is more than just African-inspired fashion week where designers introduce their new collections to the Fashion enthusiast. Since we held the event for the first time, it has become the largest gathering a medium to support and help African cultures to proliferate.

So you can expect more than just fashion products. You can enjoy great African music, have fun, and connect with new people.

As for this year, we’ll also feature the Afrobeat Dance event, where everyone can dance along with the fun and enjoyable Afrobeat music.

Event Details

AFWNC is a three days event that will be held in Downtown Durham, NC. Here’s more detail about the event:

Day 1: Meet and Greet – Recognizing the great contributions of past Models, Makeup artists, Designers, Photographers, and many more.

On the first day, we’re going to introduce you to all the great people who’ve supported our event in the past. Here you can meet and connect with other people and businesses in this growing community.

Day 2: Afrobeat Fit – Afrobeat Dance

On the second day, you can join Afrobeat Fit, a combination of fun dance and workout that will bring you smiles and sweat!

Afrobeats is a genre of music incorporating elements of jazz, soul, and funk from the different countries of West Africa. Dancing to this music is so much fun and enjoyable!

Day 3: Runway Fashion Show and AfroMarket shopping event

The last day is where the runway fashion show and the shopping event getting started. This is where talented designers across the country show their greatest African-styled fashion products to the fashion enthusiasts… followed by the shopping event where local vendors can connect with buyers and market their products to the audiences.

What You Missed At AFWNC 2018

Ready to become a part of AFWNC 2019?

If so, just fill the form below to register as Designers, Runway Models, Makeup Artists, or Vendors:

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